Lynne Fiore

Lynne completed her basic registered nurse education in her native New York at Pilgrim State Hospital and Long Island University. She then traveled, working at Baltimore City Hospital (head nurse of gyn surgery), Plantation Hospital, Plantation Florida (set up an entire new labor and delivery suite) and finally Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix (where she became their youngest coordinator ­ a supervisory position). She received her masters of science and nurse practitioner degrees in combined programs through University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, Planned Parenthood of St. Paul, and
the University of Phoenix. She has been inducted into the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, and is nationally certified as a Nurse Practitioner. She is also a Legal Nurse Consultant.

Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications independently. They teach clients how to achieve their ultimate happy, healthy self through lifestyle changes, exercise, a sense of humor and a positive outlook. Lynne thinks exams should be like slumber parties ­remember those? ­ where you can talk about anything and feel comfortable. Her specialty areas are those yearly female exams (when you identify your health goals and together create a plan of action), birth control, female infections, and menopause management. She has a website ­, and sends a monthly e-mail newsletter to her clients.

Lynne is a frustrated ballerina ­ “I was too chunky for a tutu” ­ so medicine is really her alternative career as she still waits patiently to be discovered as a great dancer. She also climbs a Phoenix mountain a week, enjoys running in cooler weather, has an every morning date with her Nordic Trak, and plays the flute (poorly). Her husband is an author and will someday be very famous (he started “The New Times” in his Tempe apartment in 1970!), and they have a computer guru son (he’s cute, smart and single!), a way too smart Scottie terrier, a 120 lb Newfoundland “puppy”, a nasty 38
year old parrot and a white java dove.