At Oasis OBGYN, we’re proud to offer you a variety of services for your healthcare and pregnancy needs.  Our goal is to create a warm and friendly environment while delivering the excellent healthcare services that matter most to you.

Pregnancy – It is an honor & privilege to take part in this most miraculous event in the life of a family.

Gynecology – We are committed to health maintenance and prevention. We also treat gynecologic problems as they arise.

Weight Loss – We have developed a weight loss & maintenance program called Forever Fit by MD to help you be the fittest you!

Sexual Health – We are pleased to announce the addition of Vavavoom! our new program dedicated to treating and enhancing a womanʼs sexual health.

In-Office Procedures – We provide convenient in-office surgeries with the addition of anesthesia services performed by a board certified anesthesiologist.

  • Endometrial Ablation
  • This procedure is performed to help stop or dramatically reduce your monthly bleeding.

  • Essure
  • This procedure is an option for permanent sterility when you have completed your child-bearing years. It involves no incision and a quick recovery.

Ultrasound – We have our own sonographer performing on-site ultrasound evaluations for both obstetric and gynecologic needs, which allows for fast, trusted results in a convenient comfortable setting. We even offer 3D imaging! (links to Ultrasound page)

Lab Services – We have a lab draw station & phlebotomist in our office so there is no need for you to travel elsewhere to have lab testing performed. In seconds to minutes, your draw is complete and you can be on your way!

Hospital – Dr. Messer delivers at the state of the art Banner Gateway Hospital located off Highway 60 and Higley.