Pregnancy – Kick Counts

A kick count is an informal test for well being of your baby that you can perform in the privacy of your own home. This can reliably be performed beginning at 28 weeks gestation. At this time, normal movement of the baby is at least two time periods of movements during 24 hours and during these active times, approximately 5-10 movements in an hour. If you are not noticing this, then performing kick counts is recommended.

First, go to a quiet, dark room where you are free of distractions. Then lie on your side, put your hand on your belly, watch the clock and begin counting movements. Hiccups do not count as movement. If you do not get a total of 10 movements after one hour, count an additional hour. If you still do not get 10 movements in the entire two-hours, proceed to labor and delivery at the hospital. You do not need to call first. It also may help to drink some juice or water prior to performing the test.